Socially Responsible Product Round-up – changing the world one toilet roll at a time.

5 thoughts on “Socially Responsible Product Round-up – changing the world one toilet roll at a time.”

  1. Great post Therese, I have a number of thoughts on a subject which, as you know, is close to my heart!

    1. Well done for taking the time to look into the provenance of that which you consume. It is all too easy to just pick a product off the shelf based on price and not think too much about how it came to be so cheap (we’ve all done that)
    2. While some people are genuinely too poor to buy more expensive goods, there will be many people who make that claim but probably own the latest iPhone and lots of other non-essentials.
    3. Have you thought about using shampoo bars instead of liquid in bottles? They cut out all of that horrible plastic packaging! I use Lush shampoo bars which also happen to be palm-oil free, as is my handmade Norfolk soap (I suspect you can’t get it in Oz, but there may be a similar alternative).
    4. Don’t knock quinoa, it’s the food of the gods ;-)

    1. HI Greg,
      Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think I’ve seen shampoo bars here, but I like the idea and especially the no palm oil bit. I’ll investigate. The palm oil issue is getting to me at the moment. It seems many of our favourites contain it. I’m trialling a new peanut butter at the moment, but it doesn’t taste as good as our regular palm-oil containing version. I guess we’ll get used to it. I also need to find an alternative to Nutella – any tips?
      Only joking about the quinoa, although Miss E doesn’t like it. So irritating as it is gluten free!

    1. Thanks Lynne. It’s great that more and more of these innovative products are getting into the mainstream.

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