Spring Garden Project: Creating A New Veggie Bed.

6 thoughts on “Spring Garden Project: Creating A New Veggie Bed.”

    1. Thanks Greg. It was fun doing the time lapse, and everything is funny when set to the Benny Hill music! We’ll see about those courgettes.

  1. Love it! Although I must confess I am the complete opposite – you both are very tidy in your working, no soil & debris here, there & everywhere!
    Looks fab. You will be eating zucchini for breakfast, lunch & dinner in no time!

    1. Our yard is so small there’s no room for mess. Also, our AirBnB guests look out onto this yard, so no mess allowed. If I don’t get zucchini this year, that’s it!!!!

  2. Great post T! Why is it that vege gardens are so easy in the thinking and even first planting but the redigging just doesn’t cut it! x

    1. Thanks Ally. I’ve learned from experience the huge difference it makes to do the preparation properly at the start. Every one of my “that’ll be good enough” jobs never turns out good enough at all. I’ll grow that blasted zucchini this year if it kills me!

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