Grief: A Personal Study.

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  1. You have done an amazingly articulate piece of writing about such a terribly difficult time. The emotions can be so overwhelming. Making sense (or not being able to make sense) of the person’s absence is so draining. Your determination to work through your grief and not let it impact too harshly on your family is inspiring. This is such a beautiful post and you are wonderful to have shared it.

    1. Thanks for taking time to read this piece, Anna. My brother couldn’t get what he wanted from his life, and I feel it would be a terrible thing to take my great life for granted. When I think about him it still comes as a terrible shock when I realise again that he’s gone. It’s like my mind is playing a horrible trick on me and it comes as a surprise every time. I suppose the grief will mellow into something else eventually.

  2. Therese, there are no words of consolation for such a loss, only love to get you through. I lost my darling brother 23 years ago, he was 25 and I still think of him and miss him most days. I say that as a comfort to you, not to to say that you won’t make it through your grief, that’s a long, hard road but you will get there step by step, I only mean to say that he will remain a part of the fabric of your days, in a different way.
    Your writing about your grief is so very eloquent. It’s hard to call such a thing of pain beautiful, but your expression of it here is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it x

    1. Thank you for reading, Dani. It’s tough to read and it means s lot to me. Thanks also for sharing about your brother. It’s tough, isn’t it, that one needs to move forward but not want to forget. I feel like I need every bit of pain.

  3. Therese – a heartbreaking, brave and beautiful read. Such a tragic and complex loss. My thoughts are with you all.
    Vivienne xx

  4. Therese – a heartbreaking, brave and beautiful read. Such an immense and complex loss, my thoughts are with you all.
    Vivienne xx

    1. Thanks Melly. That is a very accurate description of how I’ve felt so far. Thanks for sending it through. Tx

  5. Thank you for sharing. Truly beautiful words. Your post was so moving about how you describe your grief and feeling of loss. It was very brave of you to write and share, but so important I believe to talk about. Thinking of you xx

    1. Thanks Jana. It is important to talk about it. Keeping it hidden will do no good for anyone. x

  6. Dear Therese this is such a brave & moving account of sibling love – I can never even begin to understand the depth of your grief but I’m crying just the same. Take care x

    1. Martin, I hope you never have to know this kind of grief. No one should. Thanks for your support over those first few days. x

  7. Highly difficult piece to read but beautifully measured words.
    As a parent none of us know what’s ahead yet as humans we still struggle to understand each other and life.
    Much love x

  8. Well written Therese so sad – it is amazing that we as humans like our independence but then also need help with emotions, but don’t necessarily seek it. Friends of mine have been organizing a blokes mental health dinner every few years in MELB in response to a few friends taking their lives or attempting to. It is an eye opener – and blokes are not good at verbalizing it. Hope you are doing OK. see you soon I hope. CHEB.

    1. It’s good to hear that this is out in the open and people are talking about it. There seems to be almost an epidemic of men in their forties committing suicide. Blokes need to learn how to talk. Life is often too hard to face alone. T x

  9. I’m so sad for you T, I wish I could ease the heart ache that your feeling. You are such a beautiful writer and I’m sure writing will help you through the enormous pain. Keep talking, writing and sharing as the more you can tell others about your pain the more likely it is you will inadvertently save another lost soul.

    1. Thank you Jen, I think sharing has helped me. I hope anyone reading this can draw some support if they are going through anything similar.

  10. T – what an amazing, wonderful, heartfelt writer you are. May precious memories help you through. lots of love and hugs x

  11. I can’t even imagine what you are going through Therese, how utterly heartbreaking. Help is out there but it’s not always easy for people to say “I’m not ok”. Beautiful words for your beautiful brother xxx

    1. I feel robbed that he didn’t turn to his family for help; helpless that we didn’t have that chance. I guess I’ll always feel that frustration and regret. It will become a part of me and I’ll have to learn to live with it. You are doing great work with Movember, Cass.

  12. Therese- what beautiful words for your lovely brother. I am in tears as you described the agony of grief so well. Im thinking of you and sending a virtual hug x

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