Kindness and care: Things I’ve learned about my brother.

29 thoughts on “Kindness and care: Things I’ve learned about my brother.”

  1. Oh wow, what an amazingly beautiful post and tribute to your brother. In awe of your composure in being able to put into words some of his special qualities. I too have a sensitive, caring, pedantic, environmentally aware, observer of small things, photographer brother who has struggled to make sense of the prevailing values in this sometime this shitty world. You must miss your brother’s spirit, soul and heart so much. His photographs are absolutely stunning. (My brother has done some series on the Big Issue vendors and the homeless people of Paris, and also on the monkeys and cows of India!) I got so much from reading this and thank you so much for sharing X

    1. You know, trying to craft a good piece of writing helped me work through the pain at that intense time. I felt I owed it to my brother, and it helped give me some purpose. I miss him every day, but hope to hold tight to his spirit by honouring his values. Treasure your own quirky brother. Thanks for commenting. It means a lot.

  2. This is a lovely post, Therese. Thank you. Like you, I feel determined to live differently because of this. His kindness really was exceptional.

  3. I can see the plops of tears being daubed from your computer screen.
    An adeptly crafted tribute.
    A talented and empathetic set of siblings you are!

  4. Beautiful Therese, your brother sounds like an amazing human & I particularly loved reading about the family of Foxes & seeing his wonderful photos. What a beautiful soul.

  5. I’ve always loved how kind, generous and beautiful all four of you have always been, even when we were little, but reading this was certainly an eye opener into just how special he was. Thank you for sharing. I love you.

    1. Thanks for the lovely thoughts Kate. He was so private and unassuming, even his family didn’t know many things about him. Love you too.

  6. It’s lovely to read about the amazing person your brother was. Your words make him come to life. You are more talented than you realize and I am honored to have a glimpse of your soul, thank you for sharing it with me. Miss you x K

  7. T, woke up this morning and went straight to my email and there was Gregs gorgeous face, made my heart lurch. Wonderful writing and a great reminder about living life in a better way as everything does truly feel different now. Love you x

    1. Sorry George, didn’t mean to startle you. I’m determined to make this count for something. Love you too. X

  8. Truely beautiful post. I really do not have the right words to describe my thoughts as I read, but I was the best I can say is that I was moved. What a wonderful human being xxx

    1. He was wonderful Jana. That’s why I feel I must make this count and live a better life.

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