The Cook, The Coeliac, The Vegaquarian and The Faster.

4 thoughts on “The Cook, The Coeliac, The Vegaquarian and The Faster.”

  1. Wow you never cease to blow me away, I need to definitely take a leaf out of your book and start enjoying my cooking rather than just cooking for the sake of “it’s time to eat” – you inspire me <3

    1. Thanks Kate, I do enjoy cooking and have more time to think about it properly these days. When I was running my business I was exactly in the ‘it’s time to eat’ mind set and would just put together anything or get take-away. We all got unhealthy and lethargic and I felt guilty! These days there are much better simple, quick and healthy recipes around and a new way of thinking about food, in Australia anyway. I think the key is planning, but I’m pretty hopeless at that!

  2. Well done T! Great post and photos are beautiful. For more inspiration you might want to have a look at a few people I follow on Instagram, both are food stylists and lovely people. We_are_food and georgiepuddingnpie. Anna Jones has written a fantastic veggie cook book that I have and I think has just written a second. Let’s speak soon . X

    1. Thanks George,
      Will definitely look up those Instagrammers. I’ll look into the Anna Jones book too – I think I’m going to need all the help I can get!

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