Taking Stock

7 thoughts on “Taking Stock”

  1. I’ve met Pip at the Kidspot gala night in Melbourne. She’s just lovely. I’m looking forward to reading the results of your new-found blogging knowledge! You were doing well without it, maybe just lacking in some drive. Love reading your posts so keep them coming xx

    1. I met her earlier this week at a blogging seminar in Fitzroy. She is so generous with her experience and really friendly. I’m hoping to re-ignite my blog after the horrible end to last year.

  2. Love this!
    You’re becoming (as if you have never been already) a bit of an inspiration.

    1. You are too kind – it’s Pip that’s the inspiration! Her ideas are really great and she is so generous with her time and experience. It’s been really good for me to do this exercise, and I’m going to try to do it again every now and then.

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