A Quite Interesting Weekend.

10 thoughts on “A Quite Interesting Weekend.”

    1. I absolutely loved it, and am hoping you will be running a winter workshop too. Thanks guys – really impressed!

  1. As you know, I’m not the sort to say I told you so but …
    There’s a tour of the Werribee Sewage Works in a couple of weeks!

  2. The photos are great…love the knots. And you remind me that it is good to do things outside the normal square.
    See you “at the park”

    1. I definitely wasn’t expecting to be inspired, but I was. Just goes to show. All pics taken with my iPhone!

  3. The ‘port of melbourne’ looks interesting. I like the look of that tower structure with stairs. Lovely shapes. Especially against the brilliant blue sky.
    Sounds as if you had an invigorating weekend!

    1. That’s the old control tower for the docks. There’s a brand new electric Bbq and sun shade at the foot of it, and there was a lady fishing, with her granny in a wheelchair and a veritable banquet set out. Quite the private venue! There’s a new control tower now doing tha actual controlling, but this one’s a beauty!

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