Who do you see?

7 thoughts on “Who do you see?”

  1. Good on her for being brave and shaving! I did it last year, so I guess I can relate a little to the funny looks, though I am of course a million years older than her so people were probably more likely to think that I had cancer than punk attitude. Unfortunately no one is too young for cancer and people should remember that and give her credit for her altruism :)
    Meanwhile, everyone in the whole wide world is jealous of her boots, right? Lovely meeting you yesterday…

    1. Thanks for reading Dani, and yes, everyone is jealous of the boots, including me! Seriously considered getting the same ones, but that would just be too sad. Great to meet you yesterday too.

  2. It angers me because while people make an assumption that she’s a “skinhead” or something, they are ignoring the fact that she could actually have been recovering from bout after bout of chemotherapy or some other illness. People jump to conclusions and make snap judgments. I still remember the day my Dad asked me to shave his head for him. I couldn’t be more proud of her

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