Tasmania Part Two – Everything Else.

5 thoughts on “Tasmania Part Two – Everything Else.”

  1. Tassie is so beautiful, isn’t it? We haven’t been for ages. I would love to go back and do around Freycinet because I haven’t been there before. Last time we had the kids and our focus was Hobart and the Huon Valley – truly beautiful countryside. And, it was in the days before MONA so definitely need to pay a visit there! The photos are lovely, Therese.

  2. Looks so unlike the Australia I would imagine the country to be. Looking at the photos alone I would have said Cornwall.
    Just goes to show how one can have a preconconceived idea of a place, even if the country is hooooge, varied & therefore would reflect this.

  3. Gorgeous Therese, your lovely photos have made me homesick :) it’s such an awesome place. I especially love that you went through Scamander, we had a little shack there growing up & it’s where we always spent every summer right up until I was 18. It’s one of my favourite places in the world xxx

    1. I seriously love Tassie, Cass! Everything I’d dreamt of. The area around Scamander is so beautiful. You are very lucky to have spent childhood summers there. We’ll definitely be back for more!

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