7 Winter Days of Dinner – Monday: Lentil Soup

7 thoughts on “7 Winter Days of Dinner – Monday: Lentil Soup”

  1. Thanks Therese … dinner covered tonight – I added smoked paprika as the kicker – keep up this inspiring stuff. M x

  2. Good one T. Love, love, love Lentil soup. This recipe sounds delicious. I have parmesan toast on the side(Bill Grangers creation)

    1. It’s super easy, Paula, freezes well, good the next day, tasty, cheap and good for you. We eat this weekly.

  3. I LOVE lentil soup! I do one like this too bug with red lentils and use the puy lentils in one with bacon and pasta (not so good for your vego, gluten intolerant types!) I try too make sure I have leftovers too. Nothing better than opening the fridge at lunchtime and seeing a container of soup all ready for the eating!

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