7 Winter Days of Dinner – Wednesday: Jamie’s Curried Fish Pie

9 thoughts on “7 Winter Days of Dinner – Wednesday: Jamie’s Curried Fish Pie”

  1. Hi. I notice that you never listed the chillies in the ingredients or in the cooking. Was this deliberate to make a milder sauce?

  2. Tried this tonight. Everyone loved it. The coconut milk makes it so much lighter than cream. No leftovers though. My Kids eat like they have a Black Hole inside them. Thanks.

  3. I love this video & I’m dying to make this with less fish, just as you did, apparently.
    however, there’s no indication about the servings: I’m French, living in France, so fish pie is not a traditional dish here, so I have no clue about how much this will yield.
    Could you please help me?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Line,
      It’s a while ago since I made this, but there are four hungry people in my family, and from memory there were leftovers. I’d say it would serve four to six people, depending on how hungry you all were! Thanks for reminding me to make this again. The weather is chilly here in Melbourne now, and this fish pie would be perfect.

    1. Thanks Paula. First attempt at studio lighting and manual mode on the camera. Quite pleased!

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