7 Winter Days of Dinner – Thursday: Makloubeh

8 thoughts on “7 Winter Days of Dinner – Thursday: Makloubeh”

  1. As an avid urban nest fan, and let’s face it a big T fan…I wear her edenstar clothes, have my own brood of chickens in the back garden ( she gave me the idea), STILL proudly display the lava lamp she gave me in the 90s but most of all admire her tenacity and amazing energy… Sounding v sad and somewhat creepy now so moving on…. I tried this dish tonight…. In the UK where summer has finally arrived. Perfect.
    The hardest part was sourcing the pomegranate syrup ( referred to as molasses over here) but apart from that it was v straightforward and incredibly tasty, thanks T, my vegetarian guest was very impressed! Xx

    1. So glad you made this Jane, and that it turned out well. So lovely having my very own rather lovely, creepy stalker :) Must have been too much good wine and good food!

    1. Thanks George, I’ve just started using studio lighting and the camera on manual mode and I’m pretty happy with the results. I think Greg would have been pleased with my progress :)
      You’d like this one – very tasty. We can go to The Moroccan Soup Bar when you visit.

  2. You make it look devine yet easy. Bet it’s not, but I’m all for yummy sounding aubergine recipes, so may give this one a try!

    1. This recipe was pretty straight forward, Paula. Not at all complicated like Ottolenghi. I can cook it on a week night and not be a basket case, so definitely achievable :)

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