7 Winter Days of Dinner – Sunday: Roast Salmon and Potatoes

4 thoughts on “7 Winter Days of Dinner – Sunday: Roast Salmon and Potatoes”

  1. Really can’t beat salmon, crispy potatoes and greens, can you? I like to pop my salmon in a frying pan first to give it a nice golden colour and the finish it off in the oven. We had ours the other night with hasselback potatoes and snow peas but asparagus and broccolini is also good. Loved these posts and the photos, Therese x

    1. Thanks for reading, Carolyn. Hasselback potatoes always look so good, but I’ve never made them. Too much of a hassel (!) for me :) Seriously, I must give them a go.

  2. What’s day 8 – egg & chips on lap in front of telly?
    Mind you, I expect you would cook, serve & photograph it beautifully.
    Joking apart, really enjoyed this series of your blog & the photos were just stunning. More please!

    1. Most definitely egg and chips, Paula – I’m exhausted with posting every day! Thanks for your kind comments. I really enjoyed this project and I feel I’ve really improved my photography – learning all the time.

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