Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?

6 thoughts on “Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?”

  1. Very interesting T. I’m still surprised to see boxes of eggs
    piled up in my local supermarket with a big sign saying “From caged hens”. People still buy them!
    We eat Burford brown free range eggs which have a lovely deep golden yolk and are very tasty . It’s a shame they don’t also produce an organic and free range egg. Maybe I will email them and ask! X

    1. Thanks for reading, George. It still suprises me too that we have eggs labelled Cage Eggs and people have no qualms about buying them. Jamie Oliver has been doing a great job here in Australia, working with one of out big supermarket chains, Woolworths, to completely phase out Cage eggs both from the shelves and the home brand products by 2018. I think the tide is finally turning.

  2. Interesting. Something I haven’t thought about much (beyond buying free range) – and will think about some more. Unfortunately, I don’t think our terrier and chickens are a good match, but sometime in the future, we may be looking into getting some (neighbours do, and they are lovely!)

    1. Don’t give up the dream, Helen! They are such good fun, and I find them really calming when I’m feeling frazzled – I just go out to the back yard and hang out with them for 5 and feel better! We have a Staffy cross, and it was a bit dramatic when she got one of our little bantams in her jaws when we first got her. Luckily we were right there, the bantam survived and is fit and well and still laying, and 4 years later our dog has learned to leave them alone when in the yard with me (never on her own though – I don’t trust her that much!)

  3. We have chooks in our yard, in bayside Melbourne. They are the best. Our supply has dropped off significantly – just one a day now (from three chooks). But winter brings less eggs, but they still eat our scraps and create beautiful rich soil for the veggie patch. More and more of our friends are getting chickens, I think people are realising what great pets they make. If we all had a few chooks in our garden it would reduce the need for these terrible high density farms.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading to the end! I’m so glad somebody else feels like I do. Chooks do make wonderful pets and you are so right about reducing the need for these high density farms. Also, I think it makes us more in touch with what’s real and natural, and not so ‘expecting to have everything now, regardless of season’.

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