Cooking the Books.

6 thoughts on “Cooking the Books.”

  1. Great, I so look forward to reviews. I to love a good cook book but rarely to never (!!!) use them. Hope your reviews will inspire me

  2. T, this is so exciting. I love my cook books and have really missed having them around while the house is being done. Coincidentally I have been chatting with the carpenter this morning about putting up my long awaited ” Recipe book shelf” in the kitchen. Hopefully it will be up by the time I get home from work. Can’t wait to arrange all my beloved books and have them close to hand once more! Do you have Moro and Casa Moro? Two of my favourites. They are great with some really simple and tasty recipes. Will send photo of shelf soon! xxx

    1. It’s funny you feel this way about your books too, like old friends! I don’t have the Moro books, but I’ll definitely look into them.

  3. I always “think” I will try a new recipe every week…..thinking and doing are definately 2 different things….but I still have the thought that I will do it

    1. Yes I know, that’s why I’ve written this post. Now it’s in writing I can’t back out!

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