Interview: Hana Assafiri speaks to Erica Murdoch

2 thoughts on “Interview: Hana Assafiri speaks to Erica Murdoch”

  1. She sounds like a brave and interesting person. Hopefully you will be taking us to the Moroccan Soup Bar when we come to Melbourne!

    1. I met Hana at lunch with Erica yesterday. She came over to talk to us at our table. She told us that journalists are constantly calling her for comment on all sorts of things, most recently the Orlando nightclub shootings. I asked why they would seek her opinion, and she said it’s because she always gives an honest answer and doesn’t worry about appearance or political correctness – she doesn’t always give the answer they’re expecting, so it’s always interesting! She is intense, fiercely intelligent, extremely eloquent, and passionate about women’s rights. We’ll definitely go to Moroccan Soup Bar when you’re here.

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