Taking Stock.

4 thoughts on “Taking Stock.”

  1. Your photos are gorgeous. It’s the first thing I thought when your page came up. Are you in Melbourne? I need to learn how to use my camera so looking for a good course to do – could you share the details?

    1. Thank you Collette! You can’t imagine how nice that makes me feel :) I am in Melbourne, and the course I took was recommended to me by fellow Pipster Sarah Bowen from sarahdipity.com.au. It’s actually a portrait course http://www.loveyourcamera.com.au/ but only because the teacher, Angie Baxter, is a portrait photographer. I took this course because I wanted to know how to use my camera in manual mode, confidently. The course was so great and Angie approachable and really hands on. I can highly recommend it.

  2. I was going to send this to you and Mr B a few days ago – but then thought that you wouldn’t have any sense of humour on the issue, and censored the idea.

    However, now that I read your blog, and feel sort of sad, I’m thinking “but you’re English – and one of your great strengths as a nation is being able to take the mickey out of yourselves!!!!” – and so I’m sending the link after all.

    Ahead of his time . . . as always:

    1. So spot on. Now the British have completely stuffed it up – it seems that was the idea all along! Thanks for the laugh – I need it.

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