Fashion: The Op-Shop Edit

6 thoughts on “Fashion: The Op-Shop Edit”

  1. I love to op shop. It is amazing the treasures you find! I love your collection – you hit the jackpot that day. Once, in a small town in country Victoria, I got a Leona Edminston dress for $5, a black Saba T-shirt for $3, and some metallic leather Jo Mercer slides (never worn!) for $3. That was probably my best find in one day. I find I have to be in the mood to rifle around, but love it when I am.

    1. Wow, Collette, I need the name of that country op-shop! Sounds like you’ve got the bug too :)

  2. Oh I love a good op-shop hunt! The trick is to not go with something in mind. If I need a particular item you can be sure the hunt will be long and arduous. I find things when I go in without expectation. Such a great way to spend time.

    1. I agree, Bron, definitely no good if you’re searching for something in particular. I love finding things I didn’t know I needed!

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