Sweet 16 x 2 and a Gluten Free Cherry and Almond Birthday Cake.

8 thoughts on “Sweet 16 x 2 and a Gluten Free Cherry and Almond Birthday Cake.”

  1. Perfection! This cake looks absolutely stunning, bet it tasted being yummy. Well done you. I made my boy a red velvet for his recent 12th birthday & arranged & paid (11th hour prices) for an edible photo for the top of him cycling in the velodrome. Complete waste of money! 12 boys wolfing down grub after shooting & climbing party wouldn’t have noticed if it’d been a barbie cake!

    1. Thanks Paula. You know, I was quite impressed at how it turned out myself! I thought it would look like a dog’s breakfast, but it wasn’t that tricky after all.
      Funny about the boy’s cake and edible photo :) We once hired a mobile reptile zoo with fantastic presenter and snakes, frogs and even a baby croc for the girls 5th birthday (?) and after all that they remember it as the Pooh Bear party after the trashy commercial birthday cake! I think we really do it for ourselves!

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