Roast Veggie Lasagne: Could this be the Secret to Eternal Life?

5 thoughts on “Roast Veggie Lasagne: Could this be the Secret to Eternal Life?”

  1. Hi, Therese. Love this post and your blog! Great photos and lovely layout. Look forward to exploring it more. I’ve been thinking a lot about healthy ageing too and making more changes in my life. Stress plays such a huge role in making us fall apart earlier than we need to!
    PS Madness are excellent! Saw them when I was a teenager too.

  2. Love a good vegie lasagne and you have inspired me (roasting all the veg first is something I haven’t tried). I will add it to this week’s meal planner (ha ha, well, perhaps I will just try to remember… not a meal planner in sight in this house)! x PS You’re from Birmingham? I lived there for nearly 2 years.

    1. Birmingham! When were you there? Why were you there? My parents still live there, but I got out in the early 80’s. It’s better now than when I was growing up.

  3. Lovely post T. My neighbour and I have been talking about organising a street party for the last 2 years, maybe it’s time!
    Will try the lasagne recipe and let you know how it goes. X

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