The Penny Drops, Lightroom Magic, and a special offer.

8 thoughts on “The Penny Drops, Lightroom Magic, and a special offer.”

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post, Therese! I am so sorry for the loss of your brother, but what a gift he gave you… the way to discover your true calling.

    I love your photos, and only wish I had the time & money to take a photography course to improve mine too. I have a small SONY Nex camera, still shoot pretty much on auto (I adjust a few things but I wouldn’t know the technical terms for them!) and basic editing in Lightroom. It is definitely something I will do one day. If I can get Growing Home to the point of making a little money, the first thing I will invest in is a better camera and a course!

    All the best with your new career!

    1. Thanks Bec. I hear you on the time and money thing. It has been so worth it for me though. The time issue isn’t that bad as it’s an e-course that you can do at your own pace. I had a little old Canon DSLR previously, that was pretty much obsolete, and I managed with that. I tried entering competitions to win myself a better camera! I wish with all my heart that this particular series of events wasn’t the way to get a good camera though. Life is funny that way. Good luck with Growing Home. I really enjoy the community :)

    1. Gosh, Meryl, I’m sorry I seemed to have missed your comment. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, and your encouragement!

  2. as always, a beautifully written piece. although tragically heartbreaking how this new interest has found you, equally shows the weird and wonderful path life leads us.
    keep going on all fronts – love your food pieces as well as the early ‘craft’ stuff.

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