Tom-ay-to, Tom-ar-to.

Well summer is officially over, and I haven’t reported much from the garden this year. To be honest, after my horrible end to last year I let it all go a bit to sh*t. I had big plans at the start of spring, but as everyone knows, life rarely goes according to plan, and I’ll just have … Continue reading Tom-ay-to, Tom-ar-to.

A Quite Interesting Weekend.

I had a quite interesting weekend. It wasn’t the usual sort. From the sublime to the ridiculous. I actually got out and about and saw different things.  Quite illuminating. Saturday – Harvest and Cook. Right up my alley. Mr.B had booked me into a free community workshop organised by City of Stonnington and presented by … Continue reading A Quite Interesting Weekend.

The Olive Harvest.

A few weeks ago I finally harvested the olives from our back yard trees. It was tricky this year, with loads still green and unripe when the first ones were ready, and we had perfect, sunny days. Then there was a long run of rainy weather where ladder climbing would have been reckless. So frustrating! … Continue reading The Olive Harvest.