7 Days of Dinners – Weekly meal planner

5 thoughts on “7 Days of Dinners – Weekly meal planner”

  1. I just read The Rosie Project and googled “standardized meal plan” to see if it was actually a “thing” and also get inspiration….I like the idea of a 14 day rotation.

  2. Great photos T, did you take them? I especially like Wednesdays asparagus plate, of course you will have to throw the whole plan out of the window when your Dad turns up demanding meat and two veg!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Nick. I did indeed take all the photos – getting to know Greg’s big camera. I’m quite pleased with the results. Dad can demand all he likes! He can have fish and plenty of veg!

  3. All dishes look divine! Love the attention to detail with tableware for each meal as well.
    I’m very much learning as I go with 21st century family meals. No more a case of a weekly shop!

    1. Thanks Paula. I’m having fun with the food styling and photography part of blogging now. You are right about the weekly shop – it’s been a bit free-style here for a while now. I’m trying to get back on track with this meal planner idea!

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